Wat San Kamphaeng
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Wat San KamphaengWat San kamphaeng, the private Mahanikaya temple, is situated at Pa Sang district, Lamphun province. It’s established on the area of 800 sq.m.Wat San Kamphaeng was built in 1657. According to the history the area had been deserted before a group villagers mowed the forest for cultivation. They found the dilapidated temple surrounded with 3 layers of wall. Hence, they decided to renovate the temple for being worship place.It is worth visiting to see its old wooden Ho Trai (the place for keep sacred manuscripts), which stands on an island in an artificial pond. It’s constructed in Lanna style with craved wood decoration. The gable frame has the Naga figure that is considered as an auspicious animal. It’s worth visiting because the architecture of temple is very impressive.To get there, from Pa Sang district take the highway no.106 to Ban Hong district about 5 km. and turn right at intersection about 1.5 km. Turn left at T-juctionnearWat Don Luang and turn left again passing WatNongNguag about 1 km. then you’ll reach Wat San Kamphaeng. There is two-row seat bus service from the market of Pa Sang. It cost approximately 500 baht. 

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