Wat Sala Loi Buddhalaistemppeli

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Located in the northeast of the city, Wat Sala Loi is built by the Khorat heroine Thao Suranari and her husband in 1827. Awarded by the Siam Architects Society for the best avant-garde religious building in 1973, Wat Sala Loi’s highlight is the meeting hall which is applied Thai style in the shape of a boat riding the waves.  Decorated with locan Dan Kwian clay tiles to tell the life of Buddha on the wall, the door is also made of metal. Inside the hall there is a large statue of Buddha. The exterior is fulfilled with a plaster sculpture of Thao Suranari sitting praying in the middle of a pond, plus with a small pagoda that contains the ash of her. To reach the destination, WatSalaLoi is situated 500 meters from Rop Mueang Road.

Opening hours: Daily 08.30 - 16.30


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