Surin Elephant Village
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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a pet elephant? Come visit this world’s biggest elephant village to try it yourself! At Surin Elephant Village in Thailand, you will get a close experience of local living, native traditions and cultures, and amazing relationships between the villagers and the elephants they have raised as family members. The villagers of Ban Ta Klang are from the Suay or Kuy tribe, who are experts in wild elephant round-up, elephant training, and elephant raising. Formerly, Ban Ta Klang villagers usually went rounding up wild elephants near the Thai-Cambodia border, but with the current political tension between the two countries, elephant round-up is no longer possible. Yet, Ban Ta Klang villagers these days still raise and train elephants for Thailand’s elephant show in Surin every year. Elephants in Ban Ta Klang are usually raised as household pets, so visitors will get a chance to see how and where these elephants live with the villagers and talk with mahouts who have long experience in elephant round-up. Only three kilometers from the village is where the Chi and Moon Rivers meet, which is another great spot for relaxing and nature tours. The Elephant Study Center or Surin Elephant Village in Ban Ta Klang is the hub of more than 200 elephants from Ban Krapho, Ban Ta Klang, and other villages in Surin Province.    Nearby attractions - Wang Ta Lu, where the Chi and Moon Rivers meet. - Prasat Nang Bua Toom in Wat Pathum Sila Wari Prasat. - Wat Phra Phuttha Bat Khao Phanom Din, where Buddhist relics are enshrined. - Longtail Boat Racing Festival in the Moon River in October of every year. - Ban Kut Mano Weir Dike Dam   How to get there Go along the Surin – Roi Et Road (Highway 214) for 35 kilometers, turn left, and go further for 22 kilometers to Ban Ta Klang Village.

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