Sakunothayan Arboretum
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Luokat : Vesiputoukset

Sakunothayan ArboretumSakunothayan Arboretum is a forest park which has been a spot for relaxation and recreation for Phitsanulok people for a very long time. Covering the area of 814 Rai of mixed deciduous and dry dipterocarp forest, Sakunothayan Arboretum is a hilly ground with “Lam Nam Khek” or Wang Thong River flowing through in the South. It was previously known as “Wang Nok Aen Forest Park” which was declared a forest park in 1954 – 1955. On February 28, 1958, the King and the Queen visited the park and bestowed the name “Sakunothayan” to substitute “Wang Nok Aen.” Since then, the place has been called “Sakunothayan Forest Park.”Sakunothayan Waterfall is a 10-meter high and 60-meter wide, one tier waterfall which is a part of Wang Thong River and stands in the way, along the width of the stream. Sakunothayan Waterfall, previously Wang Nok Aen Waterfall, is filled with water throughout the year. In rainy season when the water flows rapidly and turns muddy, it is fatally dangerous to get in the water. However, during winter and summer when the stream flows slower and the water is greenish clear, tourists can enjoy swimming safely in the area that is located slightly far from the fall. During weekends and holidays, the waterfall is a spot for family and friends picnicking under the trees near the pond. Visitors can park at Sakunothayan Arboretum and reach Sakunothayan Waterfall within a 5 minute walk.  

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