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Thaimaa on kuningaskunta, jossa vietetään useita paikallisia ja kansallisia juhlia ja järjestetään monia alueellisia ja globaaleja tapahtumia. Etsi kattavasta kalenteristamme tapahtumia ja festivaaleja päivämäärän, luokan tai alueen mukaan. Selvitä, mitä juhlapyhät sattuvat matkasi ajankohtaan ja lisää ne matkasuunnitelmaasi napsauttamalla linkkiä, jossa on vihreä rasti.

Upcoming Events in Thailand
Rafting in Pai River
Rafting in Pai River(Mae Hong Son)

Melominen, purjehdus ja veneily,Markkinat ja festivaalit

July 1,2014 - December 31,2014

It's the beginning of the adventure trip in Mae Hong Son. Each range has beautiful natural scenery which has the difficulty from level 3 to level 5. A total distance of 50 kilometers which visitors can experience the nat...

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The end of rainy and the beginning of winter travel season
The end of rainy and the beginning of winter travel season(Ubon Ratchathani)

Markkinat ja festivaalit

October 1,2014 - January 31,2015

venue : The end of rainy and the beginning of winter travel season You can visit the tourist sites, the flowers field following the royal procession, Chanadai cliff. And you can go adventure in the beautiful forest...

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Bangkok Jungle Bike Tour
Bangkok Jungle Bike Tour(Bangkok)

Taide ja kulttuuri,Valokuvat,Luonto ja vapaa-aika,Eläimet ja maanviljelys,Kukat ja puutarhat,Matkat ja elämäntapa,Pyöräily

October 26,2014 - January 1,2015

Join a must do bicycle tour in Bangkok Bangkok Bike Adventure takes you to a massive green oasis, full of twisted water canal ways, traditional local life, floating markets, ancient temples, peaceful wildlife and much m...

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Lop Buri Sunflower Blooming Festival 2014
Lop Buri Sunflower Blooming Festival 2014(Lop Buri)

Markkinat ja festivaalit

November 1,2014 - January 31,2015

Venue :  Lopburi province and Saraburi Province Photography, scenic, train / bicycle in the sunflower field, the distribution of OTOP products, such as tours of soldiers living in the wild for recreationa...

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Tha Kham Dolphin Festival
Tha Kham Dolphin Festival(Chachoengsao)

Markkinat ja festivaalit

November 1,2014 - February 28,2015

Let's take a look very closer at dolphins jump and swim on the surface Bangpakong river more than 50 species such as Irrawaddy dolphin,  Pacific humpback dolphin and Bottlenose dolphin. Besides, you can join watchin...

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NASA : A human adventure the exhibition.
NASA : A human adventure the exhibition.(Bangkok)

Näyttelyt ja messut

December 1,2014 - January 31,2015

CPN, BEC-Tero and Thaicom join to stage the world-class, space exhibition:  NASA - A HUMAN ADVENTURE ...

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Wawee tea tasting and luscious coffee of Doi Chang Festival
December 1,2014 - January 31,2015

venue : In the event, you can taste tea from Doi Wawee, fresh coffee from Doi Chang, tribal performances, Doi's people sport competition such as running and pushing mortar, shooting crossbow, throwing pestle and tug...

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Chiang Rai Asean Flowers Fair
Chiang Rai Asean Flowers Fair (Chiang Rai)

Markkinat ja festivaalit

December 1,2014 - January 31,2015

venue : Rim Kok Park (near Ban Fang Min Government Office), Chiang Rai province The event features ship parade of flowers, Tin Thai Ngam beauty contest, winter flowers park and many species of orchids garden, orchi...

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Winter flowers festival
Winter flowers festival (Suphan Buri)

Markkinat ja festivaalit

December 16,2014 - January 6,2015

venue :  Let's see the beauty of Gladiolus flowers and orchids fields together with other flowers and ornamental plants which are important for economy. You can see also various plants, agricultural products, 5-star...

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Christmas Star Parade 2014
Christmas Star Parade 2014(Sakon Nakhon)

Markkinat ja festivaalit

December 23,2014 - December 25,2014

Let's celebrate christmas festival with the dazzling star parade on more than 200 cars together with Santa Claus parade, angels and join the Mass ceremony and carry the star while walking around the church. Let's watch t...

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