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Liikkuminen Ko Chang

Option in Ko Chang, Thailand

Koh Chang, in Trat Province, is located approximately 315 km east-southeast of Bangkok, not far from the Cambodian border. Visitors can travel to Koh Chang by ferry boat after arriving in Trat via air, air-conditioned bus, taxi, car, or motorcycle. Once upon Koh Chang there are songtaew taxis and both motorbike and mountain bike rentals for exploring the island.

By Bus

Busses directly to Centerpoint Pier in Laem Ngop, Trat depart from the Ekkamai Eastern Bus Terminal in Bangkok at 745 am and 945 pm. The journey takes approximately five hours. Return service departs Laem Ngop at 2 and 4 pm.
In addition, there are 1st class and 2nd bus class services from both the Ekkamai Eastern Bus Terminal and the Mo Chit Northern Bus Terminal that connect Bangkok with the provincial capital of Trat, from which visitors must take a 30 minute songtaew to the port at Laem Ngop, where the boats depart to Koh Chang.

By Air

As the owner of the airport in the provincial capital of Trat, Bangkok Airways is the sole air carrier for service to Trat and Koh Chang. There are two flights a day from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat. One should be aware that even after the roughly one hour flight from Bangkok to Trat, visitors must still get a 30 minute transfer to the ferry pier at Laem Ngop and take a 45 minute ferry to Koh Chang.

Getting Around Ko Chang

Getting around Koh Chang isn’t particularly difficult as there are only two major roads on the island: one on the east coast and one on the west coast, both of which run parallel to the sea. Other smaller roads branch off these main roads to provide access to individual beaches and various attractions, namely, Keereephet, Klong Neung and Klong Phu waterfalls.

By Motorbike:
Getting around by motorbike is convenient and inexpensive, around 150-200 baht/day. Visitors can either hire their own motorbikes or get around via motorbike-taxi. As the island has some particularly steep and dangerous hills it is best to drive with extreme caution and dress in appropriate attire, including closed toes shoes and helmets, the latter of which are required by law.

By Rental Car:
It is possible to hire a car or four wheel drive truck on the island. As Koh Chang has some particularly steep and dangerous hills it is best to use a 4x4 if you wish to rent a car. Be aware that only Commercial First Class Insurance provides full coverage on rental cars (as opposed to limited personal or third party only insurance). Most international car rental agencies will offer this insurance (some only for those with a valid international driver’s license) while local companies may or may not. You may wish to request a copy of their insurance policy and ensure that it states "For Commercial Use". Regardless, inspect rental vehicles prior to rental and drive with caution, particularly as traffic in Thailand can be quite confusing, especially the habit of Thai motorcycles drivers to drive on the wrong side of the road.

By Songtaew:
The easiest way to get around the island is via songtaew, a pickup truck with padded benches in the rear. Songtaews provide service along the two main roads and can be used as public transport or can be hired privately for a half or full day.

By Long-tail Boat:
For beach hopping or visiting nearby islands, long-tail boats can be hired for half day or full day excursions.