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Kuumat lähteet

There are few more enjoyable experiences on a chilly winter night in the mountains of northern Thailand than a dip in a natural hot spring. Thailand’s hot springs are found in some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes and provide visitors with the perfect balance of relaxation and natural beauty. The following links provide visitors with detailed information about visiting a Thailand hot spring.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Pong Deuat Pa Pae

Pong Deuat Pa Pae    Pong Deuat Pa Pae is located at Pa Pae subdistrict, Mae Tang district which is part of Huay Nam Dang National Park. It is a vast hot spring or geyser on Mae Tang basin. This power geys...

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

Only 36 kilometres from Chiang Mai town and you will be plunging in one of San Kamphaeng hot springs (that’s not too hot) amid natural surroundings of lush trees and verdant hills. The spring contains sulphur and m...

Hin Dad Hot Spring

Hindad hot spring was founded during World War II (East Asia War) by Japanese soldiers, since bathing in hot water was their habitual culture. Currently, Hindad hot spring is taken cared by HindadSubdistrict Administrati...

Wat Wang Khanai Hot Spring

Wang Kanai Tayikarama Temple hot spring is made of underground water from 30 meter deep. Almost the whole area of Wang Kanai Tayikarama Temple, about 90 rai, is hot but temperatures vary. For example, the hottest spot is...

Pha Bong Hot Spring

Pha Bong Hot Spring is one of the most popular hot springs in Mae Hong Sorn, located at Baan Pha Bong, TambonPha Bong, AmphoeMueang, Mae Hong Sorn. It is situated around 10 kilometers off the heart of the city. Pha Bong ...