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Wat Jong Klang
Wat Jong Klang

Mae Hong Son

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Monday - Sunday

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    next to Wat Chong Kham, Amphoe Mueang, Mae Hong Son

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Luokat : Buddhalaistemppeli

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Wat Jong Klang


Wat Jong Klang’s name came from the fact that the temple is located in the middle (“Klang” in Thai) between Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Mai (General Buddhist Scripture School.) It has been told from generation to generation that the temple was previously a pavilion for people who came to Wat Jong Mai to meditate on Buddhist holy days. When the last abbot of Wat Jong Mai had passed away, one monk from MuangMok Mai attended his funeral and spent a night at the pavilion. People grew faith in him and invited him to stay at the pavilion. Later, in 1867, people started turning the place into a temple. They covered the roof with perforated galvanized steel sheets in decorative pattern. The temple was built in Shan architectural style. The room in the east is decorated with over 180 paintings of a Burmese artist brought from Mawlamyine city of Burma.  After the construction was completed, the temple was named Wat Jong Klang as it is located in the middle between Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Mai. A year later, Pho Liang Jang Nu (KhunPian) and Mae Jong Heun, built a pagoda on a square base with a Singha statue on each side. They also built a pavilion for meditation near the pagoda. The top of the pagoda is in Prasart-style, decorated with perforated galvanized steel sheets in decorative pattern. The construction started in 1913 and finished in 2002. A small pagoda located in the east was built approximately 20 years before the temple. Wat Jong Klang was declared a royal temple on February 1, 1984. Nowadays, the temple has 6 monks and 14 novices.  

Wat Jong Klang is highly revered by local people as they have faith in PhraUpakut housed near the entrance of the temple. They believe that before every important event is held, there must be a worshipping ceremony to PhraUpakut first for good luck and progress.  

Important sights inside the temple include;

1.ChediViharnLek located in front of the sermon hall by Jong Kham Lake. It is a uniquely beautiful pagoda believed to be built in the same time as the temple. It was made in Prasart style with five tiers and the top was decorated with three-tiered golden royal umbrella. Its roof is covered with perforated galvanized steel sheets in decorative pattern as well as the eaves. 

2.ViharnYai is a multi-purpose building. Apart from housing a Buddha image, ViharnYai is a venue for important Buddhist ceremonies, a museum, a refectory and the abbot’s sleeping quarter. Unique feature of the Viharn is its layered roof. The eaves are decorated with perforated galvanized steel sheets in decorative pattern of Shan style. 

3.The sermon hall is a wooden building with a roof covered with layers of perforated galvanized steel sheets, called “Song Kho Sam Chai.” The hall has never undergone any renovation except some parts in the east. 

4.Glass paintings brought from Mandalay in Burma in approximately 1857. Over hundred and eighty 30×30 centimeter paintings are in wooden frame and depict a story of Buddha and his previous life as PhraVessandorn. 

5.Wat Jong Klang’s museum displays 33 wooden carved dolls brought from Burma in approximately 1857. There are also figures of humans and animals from the story of PhraVessandorn, ancient scriptures, a small Buddha image elaborately made from marble, chinaware and various ancient utensils. 

Wat Jong Klang is located in Muang Mae Hong Son District, 5 kilometers east of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Northern Office, Region 1, on Chumnansathit Road, approximately 100 meters away from KhunlumPraphat. 


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